Expectations management assignment help

Since our final week includes a final assignment worth 25% of you grade for the course, I feel it’s important to share some expectations and helpful feedback.


Written Assignments: For your Written Assignments, your papers need to be presented in the APA style, unless stated otherwise.   Here are some basic APA guidelines to follow:

·Always double space throughout the entire document.

·Do not use URLs (web addresses) in the text (add them to the Reference page).

·Always include your sources in the text (except for URLs) and on the Reference page

·Always use a title page in the APA style. This means including not only the title, but the course name, the instructor’s name, your name and the date.

·Indent the first line of each paragraph either five or seven spaces

·Be sure your paragraphs are at a minimum of three sentences in length (four or five sentences would be better if possible).

·Avoid the excessive use of the pronoun “I”, unless you are presenting a personal opinion or writing a biography. Otherwise, it is considered too informal for academic writing.

·Fully adhere to the assignment requirements.

All assignments must be plagiarism free.  In general, I expect your papers to contain some direct quotations to validate you are reading the text and researching the material, but I highly encourage you to avoid having more than 5% in direct quotes.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to submit an exact copy of a prior paper in an attempt to satisfy an assignment in this course

I always strongly encourage students to follow the exact requirements of the grading rubric (which can be found by clicking the grading rubric link), as well as triple checking the paper against the rubric to ensure you meet everything required.  Next, you also want someone to proofread your paper for grammar and punctuation errors, and then run in through Turn It In and Writing Reviser. 
Be sure to utilize all of the tools available to you.  To find them, locate the Learning Resources and Writing Center tabs on the left had column in our course room. 

Let’s get started with week five!

We have a lot of really good material to cover this week.  Be sure you read both chapters in the text.  And, for this week, I would highly encourage you to watch this funny and blunt video:


My parting advice to you is to follow your passion!

Week Five Learning Outcomes

This week students will:

  1. Evaluate the importance of the controlling function, and why financial controls are integral to this function.
  2. Examine management challenges presented by multicultural, technology-driven, and global organizations of the 21st Century.
  3. Analyze how the five functions of management are implemented in a real-world company. 

Go through this 3 question and details mentioned above the assignment must be prepared on basis of these details and questions mentioned above.

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