Executive Summary of Your Learning on BI and DSS computer science homework help

Executive Summary of Your Learning on BI & DSS

Prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation that offers an executive summary of the key concepts of Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems. Your presentation must meet the following criteria:

1) Begin with a title slide indicating your name and the main topic, which is your executive summary of BI & DSS

2) Include enough slides to discuss the major concepts of BI & DSS that you’ve learned about this semester. Each concept should get its own slide (two or more if you feel it necessary), explaining the concept in terms that non-experts can understand.

3) Use color, graphics/images and bulleted text to prepare a professional quality presentation that reflects competence, attention to detail, and thorough coverage of the subject. Remember that presentations are not essays or term papers — you can and should limit the number of words you use on your slides. Use short descriptions and imagery to tell your story.

4) Include a conclusion section in your presentation where you discuss the application of BI & DSS and the potential benefits of their use in business.

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