Exclusion of Warranty assignment help

For this assignment, you will choose the best clauses in the Exclusion of Warranty in the uploaded file below. Which is related to the scenario in the Warranties section below. To further your thinking you can go to LexisAdvance-

      • State & Legislation
      • Model Acts & Uniform Laws
      • U.C.C Table of Contents
      • Article 2-Sales
      • General Obligation & Cont.
      • 2. 312- 2.316

Warranties are highly important under the U.C.C and are involved in most of the consumer lawsuits under the code. Most sellers understandably want to be trusted and so they give the normal warranties. In other cases, the risks are so great that they want to transfer risks to the buyers.  

In the written assignment for this week the sellers are giving a warranty of title and sale on approval, but feel the consequences of other warranties are to risky.  They are selling a product that cannot be made perfectly safe and will be used by animals, some under control and some out of control.  A pet pillow designed for a well behaved small dog may end up in the teeth of an out of control dog which spreads the contents around the house.  The materials, safe in themselves, may not be safe for young children after being torn in bits.   

  • Assemble your completed document on the bottom of the document.
  • Explain your choices as directed in the template.
  • Complete the clauses that are incomplete, where indicated in the document.
  • Finish the sentences that are fragments, watch carefully for the directions to finish some of the clauses.  You may add extra sentences if it helps.  But make sure it is COMPLETE!

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