In this assignment, you will create a spreadsheet for a small home business which is selling three vitamin products:  CoQ-10, Iron, and Zinc.  The owner wants to look at sales by product for the first quarter of the year and calculate monthly profit on the products.  Open a spreadsheet and do the following:

  1. Merge cells B1 through D1 and type Sales & Profit in all caps.  Center this in the merged cells. 
  2. In cell B2, type CoQ-10.  In cell C2, type Iron.  In cell D2, type Zinc.  Center these in their cells and make them bold.
  3. In A3, type Jan.  In A4, type Feb.  In A5, type Mar.  These should all be bold as well.
  4. Type in some numbers to represent the sales of each vitamin product for each month.  Each number should be different.  Make sure they all have a dollar sign. You need to do this by formatting the cells as currency with no decimal places.  
  5. In A7, type Sales and make it bold and in italics.  
  6. Using the SUM function, calculate the total sales for each product.  These results should be in cells B7, C7, and D7.  
  7. In A8, type Average Sales in bold and italics.
  8. Using the average function, find the average sales for each product.  These results should be in cells B8, C8, and D8.
  9. In E2, type Profit in bold and italics and centered in the cell.
  10. Each product has a different profit margin.  The CoQ-10 product has a 10% profit margin.  This means if $80 is sold, the profit is 0.10*80 or $8.  The profit margin for Iron is 15%, and the profit margin for Zinc is 5% (which is a multiplication factor of 0.05).  In E3, calculate the total profit for January from the sales of the three products.  You will need to type in the formula rather than use a function (like SUM) to do this.  Remember that to multiply, you must use the asterisk symbol (hold shift while hitting the 8 key).  Do the same to determine the February and March profits.
  11. In A9, type Total Profit in bold and italics.  
  12. In E9, determine the total profit.  Fill this cell with a different color so that it stands out.  
  13. Save your spreadsheet with the filename LastNameWeek6 and upload it in the assignment area.

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