examine the true meaning of information systems What exactly is an information system

Focus of the Final Paper

Your final paper should demonstrate understanding of information systems and how they contribute to forming competitive advantage in business. Prepare an eight to ten page paper that addresses the following questions in narrative form (APA form and style). Be sure to provide examples and supporting rationale throughout the paper.

  1. Examine the true meaning of information systems. What exactly is an information system? Explain the people, organization, and technology components of information systems.
  2. Identify the major information systems which are currently used in many businesses. Compare these information systems and identify the main uses.
  3. Identify a business which uses information systems for its businesses. Explain the main features of the businesses and its information systems.
  4. Explain how information systems transform business operations of your selected business.
  5. Investigate how information systems affect business careers and what information systems skills and knowledge are essential.

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