events in modern Korean history homework help

Solve two of the three questions
Consult outside sources as needed
(2 page for each answer; Times New Roman; size 12; 1.5 space)

1. Which of these events in modern Korean history do you think had the most lasting impact on Korean society?

a. Korean War (1950-1953)
b. April 19th Democratic Revolution (1960)
c. Rapid economic development under Park Chung-hee (1961-1979)
d. May 18th Kwangju Uprising (1980) and democratization
e. IMF Bailout Crisis (1997-8)
f. Explosion of Hallyu

2. You are a high-ranking Joseon official on the eve of the Japanese Invasion of 1592.
According to emissaries dispatched to Joseon, the Japanese fully intend to attack Joseon. However, some officials disagree, saying that the Japanese are bluffing. The king is also in disbelief.
As an official in service of the king, prepare an argument to convince the king that Joseon needs to prepare for war immediately.
After convincing the king, lay out the steps that need to be taken, diplomatically and militarily, to repel the Japanese invasion.
Be specific, and consult sources as necessary.

3. Note the terms “jang-ga-ganda” and “shijip-ganda.”
Though both of these terms mean “to get married,” they are actually a reflection of radical social change.
Which periods in Korean history do the two terms “jang-ga-ganda” and “shijip-ganda,” respectively, represent?
What were the changes that occurred? When did they happen and what were the causes?
Be specific, and consult sources as necessary.

Indicated you need 6 pages

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