Evaluating the most convincing point made for the counter perspective Discussion Response help

Argued that all people in all positions cannot be and should not be leaders.

Provide follow-up responses to at least two of your classmates by:

1.  Evaluating the most convincing point made for the counter-perspective (which point made the most sense, and why?)

2.  Evaluating the least convincing point made for the counter-perspective (which point lent the least support to the case, and why?)

3.  Offering an argument overlooked by your classmate that would make his or her case stronger (in other words, present one new argument from the other perspective).

You must include at least three in-text citations and two references in each response.

Reply 1

People in all Positions Can and Should Be Leaders

People should lead in all positions because if leaders are scattered
throughout an organization they can take some of the stress and
responsibilities off of supervisors and managers (Zeiger, 2016).  Employees
should lead in all position because there is no one position that can
magically transform someone into a leader (Zeiger, 2016). Because someone
can’t just be transformed into a leader by attaining a new position it is
important to practice leadership at all levels so that those who aren’t good
at it can prepare themselves for more difficult leader positions tomorrow.

Leaders can inspire and grow those that follow them within an organization which can in turn will create more future leaders and further the organization as a whole (Barrett, 2013).


Barrett, C (2013).Lead from where you are.Retrieved from

Zeiger,S (2016).Team leader vs. supervisor responsibilities.Retrieved from

(CR reply)

Reply 2

CASE: Allpeople in all positions can and should be leaders

People can and should be leaders not matter in what position they are, some people are good at having patience, some other people are good with computers, others are good analyzing situations or finding solutions no matter what position they are in a company, they must be good at something. John says: “Leading up requires two things: influence and action. Influence is necessary to open doors so you can be heard, actions are necessary to implement your plan”. (Baldoni, 2009)

Being a leader starts by recognizing what you are good at, once you find out what it is, then it is necessary for the person to demonstrate what is he or she good at. John tell us that: “If I had to identify the No. 1 misconception people have about leadership, it would be the belief that leadership comes from having a position or title. This position myth, that you can’t lead if you’re not at the top, couldn’t be further than the truth. The erroneous thinking of this myth is that leadership is position, not influence.” (Maxwell, 2013)

Maxwell, J. (October 31, 2010). Lead From Where You Are. Retrieved on August 31, 2016,http://www.success.com/article/john-maxwell-lead-from-where-you-are

Baldoni, J. (November 4, 2009). Lead Your Boss. Retrieved on August 31, 2016,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6nqMk_HpYk


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