We all know that ethics is an important aspect of the business environment. This not only applies to the practice of accounting, but of all facets. With that in mind, let us consider the following:

Ethics and professional conduct in business

Jan Doe, CPA, is an assistant to the controller at ABC Co. In her spare time, Jan also prepares tax returns and performs general accounting services for clients. Frequently, Jan performs these services after her normal working hours, using ABC’s computers and laser printers. Occasionally, Jan’s clients will call her at the office during regular working hours.

Discuss whether Jan is performing in a professional manner.

5 points possible – In order to receive full credit, please make sure your answer has three to four sentences. Also, I would like you to find a source from our textbook that mentions ethics AND that applies to this situation (think, general ethics principle). You DO NOT need to include the works cited information.


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