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Write a brief essay to answer the following scenario.  You are free to use outside sources including books and online material to support your answer.  Please provide inline citations and a list of references when citing supporting material.  Citations should use a standardized reference style including IEEE, ACM, APA, etc… 

Consider a non-traditional industry – cosmetics, agriculture, waste management, brewing, winemaking.

You have been awarded a contract for a specific business within your non-traditional industry to develop recommendations for IoT integration into an existing enterprise ecosystem.  There are multiple IoT nodes that could be added and each must be specific to the non-traditional industry.
The enterprise ecosystem consists of a server that provides access to customer information and a database server that stores customer information and transactions as well as proprietary information.  Additionally, the company has an analytics sever that uses business intelligence to analyze information collected by the firm including competing firms, market trends, and supporting data.  

How would you recommend managing the IoT nodes?  Would you recommend developing a secure operating system that is customized for this scenario or would you recommend using an existing operating system.  

Develop a well-supported argument for your decision and describe the process that you would use to ensure that the operating system is secure.

Thoroughly explain the non-traditional industry as well as the specific firm within the industry you selected which should outline the specific threats associated with the firm and what mitigation efforts are appropriate based on the specific needs of the firm.  

Submissions will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • Content Structure (12 pt – Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, (minus) – 4 pts for each quality page under 2.5, max 10 pts deduction)
  • Organization of thought 15 pts. (Clearly structured (2 pts), Flow of information (2 pts), industry explained with supporting references (2 pts), firm explained in great detail (2 pts), strong argument for using custom or cots product (7 pts))
  • Existing IoT Operating Systems (Discuss existing options for managing IoT nodes securely – 2.5 points for each with a maximum of 10 pts)
  • Supporting materials and references 10 pts. (Two references must be related to the industry and the firm (4 pts), two references must support your position (4 pts), and one reference must support an alternative perspective (2 pts))
  • Communication and Grammar 5 pts. (Major issues (0 pts), Minor issues (2.5 pts), No issues (5 pts)

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