Environmental Scan or Alternative Capstone Project with Live Client

Selectan actively operating business. No startups or self-owned companies. Complete the arrangement letter and have it signed by all parties. A template for the arrangement letter is provided. APPLE is the company I have selected

Conductan environmental scan on an external, general, and industry operating environment level.

Conductlocal market research for your business. 

Analyzeyour research data and draft for findings for your industry, market and customer research.

Developa 1,050-word minimum analysis considering your research and the following:

  • Explain what people will be your key contacts as you research your industry and market and why.
  • Analyze your research data and draft for findings for your external, general, industry, market, and customer research.
  • Justify the research methods you used to acquire your data. 

Formatyour assignment consistent with APA guidelines including citations and references.

Savethe environmental scan research assignment for input into LivePlan®in Week 3.

Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines. 

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