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Significant Episodes in which an Environmental Hazard Caused Adverse Health Outcomes in Humans. 

The three major and historical events that I have identified are the deadly gas release of Bhopal, nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the Hiroshima bombing. 

Which environmental hazard, such as the pollutant or pollutants, caused the most adverse health outcomes and why?

The deadly gas release of Bhopal, India was made up of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gases that were expelled into the atmosphere from a factory developing pesticides, which killed 3,800 people. There were several explosions at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor that caused the radiation to leak out. The nuclear disaster in Chernobyl had immediate effects on its victims as well as long term.  The bombing at Hiroshima caused radiation to be emitted and caused radiation to be absorbed into people, crops, animals, etc.

What are the various adverse health outcomes that occurred as a result of exposure to the environmental hazard?

The release of this hazardous gas from the Bhopal incident caused many people to pass away from lung failure and those that were able to live out the first couple of days had severe respiratory complications as well as other life threatening symptoms. The long term effects from inhaling these gas included brain related issues such as headaches, as well as effects on the major systems of the body.

The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl had devastating effects on the people that lived in Chernobyl as well as the outlining countries such as Russia and the Ukraine.  The radiation expelled into the air and caused many people to have radiation poisoning, develop cancers especially thyroid as well other cancers.

The bombing at Hiroshima showed effects on its victims such as radiation sickness and radiation burns on the skin.

What are the steps that were taken to prevent the adverse health outcomes from occurring? Should there be any other step that was necessary to prevent the adverse health outcome? Explain.

Suggest the ways to prevent future occurrences of such episodes.

Is there an association between environmental hazards and adverse health outcomes in humans? Why or why not?

Analyze and explain the exposure-disease relationship for each of these three events.

What do you think is the impact of these events on the communities where they occurred?

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