I have three assignments that I have to do but I haven’t had time to get them done. I need help please. 1. Using the CSU Library, research an article related to common injuries that occur among EMS professionals. Your review should be at least two pages in length (not including the reference page) and written using APA guideline. In your review, you will: – Determine which of the four basic concepts for reduction of probability of accident and harm most closely applies – Identify strategies for risk mitigation that might have been employed to prevent or minimize the injury or injuries 2. You are the Risk Manager for your EMS organization. You have been asked to consider what type of threats might necessitate that your agency have established altered standards of care. To successfully complete this assignment, you must: – Review the Institute of Medicine (IOM) six recommendations to follow for developing crisis standards-of-care protocols and – Write a paper that includes your thoughts on what challenges you may expect to encounter and barriers that you may need to address for meeting these six recommendations. Your paper should no less than two full pages, not including your reference page 3. For this assignment, you are to read the provided article about the 2005 Train Wreck and Chlorine Spill in Graniteville, South Carolina. The article illuminates the issues of small town capacity to handle no evacuation and hazardous materials. This article can be accessed at http://www.dot.gov/highlights/disaster-recovery/train-wreck-and-chlorine-spill-graniteville-south-carolina – Apply what you learned about the leadership theories described in this unit, to discuss the rebuilding efforts to restore the town to its condition before the wreck. For example, which theory or theories do you think were applied? Were they effective? – Using the concepts in the managerial (leadership) grid on page 44. Discuss the leaders concern for people or concern for production. How did the leaders handle these two areas? What concern more evident in one area than in the other? Include which area you believe the leader behavior in this incident aligns to in the grid. – Summarize your response in a minimum two page word document. To supplement your discussion and support your conclusions, you may use information from reputable, reliable journal articles, case studies, scholarly papers, and other sources that you feel are pertinent. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations

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