Economic Freedoms and Property Rights law homework help

dear writer here are the instructions for this assignment:

Students should watch the video,

 , which gives a humorous take on a very serious issue of “Forfeiture” without due process.  After completing our assigned reading about Due Process, Economic Freedoms and Property Rights (paying particular attention to Bennis v. Michigan, 516 U.S. 442 (1996)) and The Right to Privacy, each student should create ideas for new legislation, using the principles of due process, just compensation and the court’s findings in Bennis. Be sure to be specific on how your ideas will solve the issue of forfeiture without due process. You may also wish to argue, in lieu of new ideas, that forfeiture does not violate due process or the constitution, again be specific. Students should not repeat any idea that has already been posted.

Resources for Assessement:

  • Textbook Readings: Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, chapters 9, 10, and 13. and the video

You can google the textbook name and you might find the etext or PDf of the book when you google it.

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