Early Childhood Education Issues and Trends political science assignment help

To Prepare:

Review this module’s Learning Resources and consider some of the issues and current trends related to fostering meaningful learning experiences in supportive early childhood environments that you might see evidenced in early childhood settings on a daily basis. Some examples may include: mandates regarding teaching to specific standards; incorporating project-based learning, looping, and/or integrating play throughout children’s day in order to foster healthy development and learning. Select an issue or a trend (from this list or another that greatly interests you) that you believe impacts the quality of learning experiences and/or environments in early childhood settings. Research this issue or trend in depth. Draw on at least 5 current scholarly resources from the Walden Library or other resources that expand your knowledge in the area you have chosen.

By Day 7 of Week 1

Based on your review of the research, complete the following:

  • Report your findings on this issues or trend. Be sure to include multiple perspectives from a variety of resources.
  • Choose at least two challenges related to the issue/trend and recommend ways these challenges can be overcome.
  • Explain at least two ways the issue or trend can foster development and learning in early childhood settings.
  • Explain how the issue or trend you selected is impacted by the current state of funding for early childhood programs.
  • Analyze how the issue or trend you selected is impacted by the current policy in your state or local area.

Assignment length: 4–5 pages

References to use:


Lara-Cinisomo, S., Fuligni, A. S., Daugherty, L., Howes, C., & Karoly, L. (2009). A qualitative study of early childhood educators’ beliefs about key preschool classroom experiences. Early Childhood Research & Practice, 11(1), 1–8.

Kuh, L. P. (2012). Promoting communities of practice and parallel process in early childhood settings. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 33(1), 19–37.

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