Tues., Gender parity has been an educational issue for many of the societies that we have learned about in this course. Read the BBC article about a Pakistani intervention to encourage education for girls … it is a new cartoon superhero! She is the Burqa Avenger who fights bad guys who are trying to shut down girls’ schools … (Links to an external site.)

Then take a look at the UNICEF publication: Educate All Girls and Boys in South Asia: The Global Out-of-School Child Initiative … < (Links to an external site.)>. Does the “Burqa Avenger” intervention have support from any of the facts presented by UNICEF? Discuss what progress you think we as a global community are making in terms of educating girls and young women and what you think might accelerate that progress. Note: The first episode of the Burqa Avenger is available on Youtube now … (Links to an external site.)

 Your posting should be at least 300 words (but you can write more if you feel that you need to in order to answer the question).

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