Diversity of language and culture (1 of 1)

In this unit’s readings, you read about the complexity and diversity of language and culture. How you speak is inexorably connected to your values, ideals, and attitudes about yourself, the groups to which you belong (e.g., families), and the world around you. You often judge someone’s intelligence, capabilities, or socioeconomic status by that person’s speech. Judgments contribute to the manifestation of the social inequalities created together.

Think back to when you were in elementary school and identify your region of speech according to the text. If you went to school in another country, please identify that country. Did everyone in your school speak this way? If someone spoke differently, how were they treated? Was the difference in speech looked upon as an abnormality or not and why? How did you participate in embracing or discouraging diversity when you went to school?

As an adult, what would you identify as your biases, beliefs, and values that contribute to your position in the conversation about one language or many for America? Be sure to articulate your position and why you think and feel this way.

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