Can you please provide a reply in your own thoughts about the below answers :

1.)  What are your earliest memories of, or experiences with, people with disabilities? What forms of disability (physical, mental, emotional) were included in these early memories?

One of the first experiences I had was when I met the daughter of a friend of my parents.  The girl was born with cerebral palsy which meant she was way behind where she should have been in development.  She could not walk at the age of five and still did not speak.  This made it a challenge interacting with her because she needed so much help.  Her parents had to treat her like a baby even though she was already five years old.  

My mom works in special education in both elementary and middle school. She always taught me to be very accepting of people with disabilities and try to treat them as normal as possible.  This can be frustrating sometimes because you do have to work harder to interact.  Lots of children in school do not understand why people have disabilities so they don’t know how to handle it.  I think the education system and parents need to do a better job at educating children on how to behave around a person with a disability.  


How have your perceptions/thoughts about ableism and persons with disabilities changed after reading this week’s readings and reviewing the ADA website?

Prior to this week’s readings and looking over the ADA website, I thought that I had a pretty good grasp on the tools and information on those who have disabilities. I learned that while I may already know some, I definitely do not know it all. There were several things that I came across in the readings that I had never heard about previously. Like the fact that a speech-to-speech transilterator exists. This is a person who is trained to recognize unclear speech and repeat it clearly (effective communication, 2014). In addition, I was unaware of just how many options there are when researching adaptations for a disability. I am very thankful that we live in a country that is attempting to give those who are disabled the best opportunity to be independent, and live their daily lives in a manner in which the disability does not stop them from living a quality life.

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