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 Hi, discussion class. I would like to start out by defining in my words nature vs. nurture. My understanding of nature, a specific information inside our DNA that is geared towards survival at all cost. Like why babies know instinctively how to feed, like humans know instinctively to fight or flight. I believe these are all part of my nature instincts; I think it is a predetermined set of instructions built into our DNA. Nature has influenced my development in the two following ways, it has always made my survival priority number one, and it has always given me skills to adapt to every environment I I find myself in.  As for the nurture part, I do believe the every environment has negative and positive qualities that change our perspective on life, our views and belief systems which we use to make choices. So yes environment can affect everything about our life, I understand how upbringing could cause people to perceive the world in different ways. The nurturing I received when I was a kid made me feel safe and secure and confident in my decisions, which later in life giving me strength and confidence in the ability to achieve success. My sister’s upbringing living with my mom in a trailer park and poor conditions has affected her whole life outcome with drugs, pregnancies, and poverty so I can see and understand how the environment has an effect on everyone’s life.  For me, I do understand that I have been pre-programmed to be good at certain survival instincts challenges regardless of my environment. I think I have been pre-programmed to be a helper, a provider, and a protector of others that I care about. That is my strongest trait when it comes to those traits. I have no fear; it’s a knowing, and I would put myself In Harm’s Way for the ones I love.

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