disscussion reply to the question asked from students minimum words count 75 total 5 replies plz read

1 :   here’s many different types of stereotypes in our world of today. However the most famous one of today is sexuality, race and the career that we have and we hold onto. When it comes to the sexuality people are always so Judgmental on what others are doing in their homes and in their life. I feel as if no one is perfect and the only one that can really Judge is God up above. On the other hand, race is another big one. People are always thinking it’s ok to judge others by their skin color on a daily basic when it’s very wrong to Judge. 


2: I think for some people they might not even know when they are being racist.  Maybe they were raised that way and they have no way to know it’s wrong.  And then there are those who know its wrong and don’t care.  Or they use racism and say it’s in the name of God, which I personally do not believe  is right.  There are all forms of performing racism which can make life difficult for those who are being put down.  


3:  I agree with your statement that stereotypes and racial profiling are similar due to the fact that individuals outside of the majority group are making pre judgments without even knowing the person. We are all different, just because there are people that have the same basic characteristics doesn’t mean they think, act, or talk the same. I believe that social media/news media are to blame for all of the stereotypes and the spread of prejudice or racism in this generation. Living in Saint Louis, I am surrounded with people that are divided since the Ferguson riots. What impact do you think media plays with these myths or stereotypes?


4:I completely agree with you Laura, Prejudice is occurring more when it comes the sexuality populations. There’s so many wrong things that I have notice that been said to people who are gay, and because of this being done it becomes very hurtful to others that do have hard times with their own sexuality. I can honestly say I believe that it’s wrong to pass judgment towards people that are gay or lesbian because these people still have feelings and it’s hurtful. I don’t believe that we as people think before passing judgment towards other’s. 


5:  Is it easy or difficult to identify when prejudice is occurring?   why?


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