Differentiation through Creative IN Programmatic marketing homework help

Felt Tips: Creative strategies. How to do things differently in a crowded marketplace


AppNexus Summit Europe 2015 – Differentiation Through Creative in Programmatic


The videos provided should give you some insight into different ways companies are developing and using various channels to effectively reach its target audience.

1.  First watch the videos and

2. Discuss which strategies are best for your advertising campaign.

3. Explain you chose that strategy.

4. Are there other strategies that should be considered? What are they?

 The first videp is long but it discusses some of the basics in the development of creative which includes thumbnails of the concept and storyboard development.

The greatest TED Talk ever sold – Morgan Spurlock


Naming rights can be part of a company’s advertising strategy.

Do newspapers matter in the digital age? | Lisa DeSisto | TEDxDirigo


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