This is a group case, and we have already completed the first draft

The case with the first requirements and my group’s case analysis first draft are attached below.

Then, teacher gave these further tasks below for my group case analysis (you just need to complete the task3):


1. Design and include a plan for addressing resistance to change.

2. Explain the lessons that you want learned from your story of how this organization needs to change. Tell them why.

3. Using Kotter’s 8 Step plan as a model, create an implementation plan. Be specific by giving dates, timelines, accountable parties, champions, and anything else that will help your plan be completed as you intend for it to be completed. Spell your plan out with steps and graphics. Do NOT give a generic description of what you wish will happen. Instead, give the reader a well-developed set of action steps and dates to guide the organization through the change.

a, I am not sure the task 1&2 are related to task 3 or not, so the the brain storm of group members about part 2&3 are attached below

b, You just need to according these documents that I provide to you to finish the task 3 above. (Please answer the task 3 in an individual word document. )

c, The Kotter’s 8 step plan can be found in the text book, and the text book is attached below.


If you have any question, feel free to contact me!

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