• Demonstrate data mining as an enabling technology for business analytics.
  • Explain the objectives and benefits of data mining.
  • Determine the different applications of data mining.
  • Assess the importance of artificial neural networks.
  • Describe the different types of Artificial Neural Network architectures.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the Nearest Neighbor method.

Research a real DSS that you could use in your personal or professional life. Write a 2 page paper explaining the system and how you would use it to help you. Please be specific about the decision that you need to make and how the system will help you to make that decision. Do not worry about system cost. Please read through the rubric to make sure you cover everything.

Make sure you:

_ Define the problem that you need help with detail. This has to be a problem that you have and not a generic problem.

_ Describe how the system can help you make a decision about the problem

– Provide some examples

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