For each of the following six matched pairs of terms, please (a) define and state the significance of the first term; (b) define and state the significance of the second term; and (c) compare and contrast the two terms.

1. origins of the state; future of the state

2. federalism; unitary form of government

3. Treaty of Westphalia; United Nations

4. Hobbes’ state of nature; Clausewitz’s fog of war

5. clash of civilizations; democratic peace theory

6. non-state actors; human rights

Each matched pair is worth five points. The exam, collectively, is worth 30 points.

The exam must be double-spaced.

Sources must be provided for each matched pair.

Please submit your exam as a Word document, in Rich-Text Format (RTF).  Please do not submit a PDF or a “read-only” document.

Exams will be graded on English grammar and composition as well as content.

The exam should be between 1800 and 2000 words (not including sources). Points will be deducted for an exam which is shorter than 1800 words or longer than 2000 words.


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