Define the Four Stages of the Negotiation Process Five Questions help

  • Define the Four Stages of the Negotiation Process and discuss what changes have taken place in the negotiation tactics since the 1950s.
  • Explain why the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is important in preparing the negotiation.
  • Discuss the difference between tangible and intangible priorities and why ground rules are important when both parties are amenable to negotiate.

Discuss whether the Good Guy / Bad Guy Routine is useful in negotiations; whether impasses are fatal to negotiations; and if arbitration is a sign that negotiations have failed.

Discuss two of the following statement.

  • Define and explain the purpose of the Five Distributive Bargaining Negotiation Skills.
  • Discuss the “Zone of Possible Agreement” (ZOPA) and why some experienced negotiators consider it critically important to make the opening offer.
  • Define the following terms:  relational information, substantive information, equality norm, and equity norm and explain how they relate to the distributive bargaining process
Please use the references below and do not answer like essay these are just questions


  • Caverly, N., Cunningham, B., & Mitchell, L. (2006).  Reflections on public-sector based integrative collective bargaining: Conditions affecting cooperation within the negotiation process.  Employee Relations, 28(1/2), 62-76. (Document ID: 1000184341). Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

  • Colosi, T. (1983, November/December).  Negotiation in the public and private sectors:  A core model.  The American Behavioral Scientist (pre-1986), 27(2), 229-234. (Document ID: 732624991).  Please select “Full Text – PDF” on the right side of the screen. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

Carrell, M.R. & Heavrin, C. (2008).  Negotiating essentials: Theory, skills, and practices.  Upper Saddle, NJ:  Pearson Prentice Hall.  ISBN-10:  978-0-13-186866-3.

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