Customer loyalty marketing assignment help

This assignment will assess the following competencies:  Analyze effective marketing theories and principles,and appraise the effectiveness of various marketing strategies.

Directions:After reading Unique Customer Experiences at Jordan’s Furniture, and based on research from other sources write a 300-400 word essay in which you address the following questions:

  • Customers have expectations of the businesses that they patronize. What expectations would someone entering a Jordan’s Furniture store for the first time likely have?
  • What expectations would a loyal, repeat customer of Jordan’s Furniture likely have?
  • Sometimes companies approach customer relationship management differently for new customers than they do for loyal, repeat customers. Does Jordan’s approach to customer relationship management differentiate between new customers and loyal customers? Explain your answer.

The paper must be researched using at least two scholarly or professional marketing resources. The references must be cited and properly placed on the reference page using APA formatting.

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