current Trends and issues IN total compensation and a prediction of future Trends business and finance homework help

This is part of an entire paper. My sections are only the ones underlined. I included everything for context.

Design a 200-250-word  (written in the third person voice) for an imaginary competitor of Google,  Your plan should address the following details:

  • How your plan supports key objectives
  • An evaluation of current trends and issues in total compensation and a prediction of future trends
  • Internal and external equity
  • A wage management process and rationale
  • A retirement plan and how participation will be driven
  • The influence of the organization’s financial condition on the total compensation plan
  • How your plan will be communicated to leadership and employees

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 1-2 slides that outlines the plan’s key components, and its stated requirements and objectives. Include  a references slide as well as brief speaker’s notes. Use at least five APA-formatted sources.

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