DB .What three current national issues do you feel most impact your daily life and/or career? 5 sentences

1. What were the major goals of the framers of the U. S. Constitution? How does the Constitution in its completed form meet these goals? 200 minimum words ( all texts cited and paraphrased) 

2.What are the core values of American government? Also, discuss the limits and power of these values. 200 words  

3. Define federalism and discuss how it relates to national and state sovereignty. What are the similarities and differences between today’s version of federalism and the federalism that was established in 1787?  200 words cited

4.Explain the concepts of democracy, constitutionalism, and the free market system. How are these three systems designed to work together to maintain a balance of power in the United States? Do they actually maintain a balance of power? Why or why not? 200 words cited

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