Cultural relativism writing homework help

Do not copy from the internet, write your won word 

make sure about the words number foe each Questions 

Requirements— Your responses should be approximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. These suggestions are approximate; do not obsess about hitting these numbers exactly. The text must be double spaced, and printed single-sided, with 1.5” left/right margins. 

(NOTE: there is a  2/3 letter grade penalty for noncompliance with each of these underlined factors).  For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name is present.

You must bring the paper to the class on Monday the 19th. Alternatively, if you can’t be in class, you must have someone else turn it in on your behalf. For example, you may email it to a classmate and have them print and submit it (or you may have anyone else bring it to class).

If you do not turn in a paper (or have it turned in on your behalf) on Mon., the 19th, you will receive an F for the test. 

Questions/Instructions— (answer questions 3, 4, & 5 as a good utilitarian would)

1. Is it possible for a valid argument to be unsound? What about for a sound argument to be invalid? For each, either give an example of such an argument or explain why it is impossible. (approx. 125 words)

2. Can cultural relativism make sense of the idea of moral progress? Does moral progress really exist? (appox. 75 wds.)

3. Briefly state the critics’ objection that utilitarianism set too high a norm for people; use most of your answer to explain Mill’s reply on the point. Discuss why (or why not) you agree with his response. (approx. 75 wds.)   

4. Critics objected that utilitarianism was not workable in that it required too much time for thought, and deliberation or calculation. Explain Mill’s answer to this objection, and how he thought the doctrine could be defended against it. (approx. 75 wds.)

5. Here is a hypothetical thought experiment you are to analyze:

You are a city prosecutor, and a terrible crime has been committed in your city. A 7-year old girl has been kidnapped, brutally raped, tortured, and strangled to death. The case has become something of a cause célèbre, and people are up in arms, outraged, clamoring that someone be caught and prosecuted. The police have investigated thoroughly, but all investigations have turned up no leads, with none anticipated. Your police chief advises that he has determined that unless something is done soon, riots will occur with extreme violence planned, and that several deaths are to be expected; many other reports confirm this. Yesterday a severely mentally retarded homeless man was picked up by the police after a complaint by a restaurant that he was lurking about the premises, eating scraps out of the dumpster. There is absolutely no evidence against this man of the crime against the child. If you frame him, and plant or fabricate evidence that may result in conviction, you will be able to avoid the riots and expected deaths that will otherwise result.  Would doing so be moral or immoral? Why? (approx. 150 wds)

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