Create a UML Activity Diagram for the Wilderness Weather Station that tracks the flow of weather data from the Satellite box into the archival database.

This diagram does not need to account for error handling or human intervention.

I expect this will contain a minimum of 20 elements and will span all three sub components of the Wilderness weather station.  Label each sub-component in some way – such as a color, a number, a different shape, or something.  Whatever you do, do so in such a way that it is easy for me to see “this is part of the satellite box” and “this is part of the control panel”.

Reply from prof-

Some of the tasks you list should probably happen in sequence – e.g. Parse weather information should be between receiving the weather data from the satellite and feeding the data into the database.

It isn’t clear from your diagram where the satellite transmission occurs.  Remember that the remote satellite box will communicate via a geosynchronous communications satellite with the control panel application.

Please clean that up a bit and send me a revised version.

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