Requirements: (Must be achieved)

Do everything below. Doing less will move your grade downward.

1- Design a postcard for either a: musical concert, Shakespeare play performance.

2-You must use the Base Postcard template InDesign file as a base.

3- If you are using photos and/or art it must be at 300 dpi in CMYK mode (You can switch it in Photoshop from RGB). Or you can import Illustrator art done in CMYK. . If you decide on art that goes off the edges (called bleed) your art must be 7.25 in. x 5.25 in. 

4-All your type work must be done in InDesign, except for a fancy Initial cap that you may do in Illustrator. Include: The name of the band, or play, where and when the performance will happen, and ticket cost.

5- Use only two different typefaces in your design.

6- Make sure you can read the information easily in conjunction with the art.

7- Make sure the type and important parts of you photo or art do not get closer to the edge of the card than 1/4 inch.

8- Do not use special effects on type smaller than 24 points.

9- Use the size of your type for the different elements to signify the importance of that information.

10- Group your your type information into separate groups for easier reading.

11- Make sure your design reads left to right and that your eye is pushed back from the right edge of the card by type or a part of an image.

12-• Remember you can use a Google image only for the homework.

13- Do not use a previous image that already a design in it.

14-When you are done with your InDesign postcard go to File>Package to double check everything and when it’s all good press the Package button.

PS: Most of those errors were having the image linked (you were not supposed to) which means the art is not imbedded in the Illustrator file so you get no picture.  Some of you did not convert your type to outlines and so my computer converted your typefaces to my defaults which did not look good. So please check your files.

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