Create a learner profile for an individual student that you may encounter assignment week 4 help

  1. Create a learner profile for an individual student that you may encounter.  The profile should address the learner’s academic abilities, cognitive function including any disabilities the learner may experience, cultural and socioeconomic background (revisit Chapter 2), and information regarding any other factor that may contribute to student success.
  2. Describe the environment in which you will work.  Much of this will impact the type of strategies that you will use.  For example, the strategies that you might use while working in an Early Childhood environment would be vastly different from those you use if you are working with adult learners.
  3. Create a plan to address student needs utilizing at least two strategies discussed in Chapter 13.  How will you incorporate different learning activities to meet the needs of your student?  Be sure that the strategies are appropriate for your chosen field of study.  For example, if you are studying English Language Learning, your teaching strategies would be influenced by the cultural and language barriers of the learner.  You may want to review lesson plans of other teachers and educational professionals to look for practical ideas.
  4. As you would be creative in your classroom or future work environment, be creative in developing your action plan.  You may use Word, PowerPoint, or any of the sites below to present your plan.

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