CRAFT a SALES PITCH discussion posts help

Both of this are discussion posts and do not need to be long at all. Maybe 150 words at most. 


Role-Playing Game Final Discussion

This module you have looked at professional development plans. In your initial post, answer what is the value of a professional development plan and how do you think it will influence a chosen career path. Do you see yourself creating a professional development plan? Why? Describe how you will select a career path and create a professional development plan supporting that path.


Craft a Sales Pitch

You are a salesperson for the company that markets the product featured in your course project. You arrive at the customer’s office to find out that your sales meeting has been canceled. On your way down the elevator, you see the key decision-maker who apologizes for the last-minute cancellation and asks you to share the highlights of your sales presentation.

For your discussion:

  • Write the sales pitch you would give during your 30-second elevator ride. Remember, the goal is to convince the decision-maker to take on your product based on this sales pitch so be sure your pitch is both fact-based and persuasive!

(I have attached my previous assignment about the product below which is a Facial Cream)

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