1) Could you please help me in writing a Cover Letter, one page, which must include the following content: (For any personal information leave a blank, and I can fill it up later)

– University and Degree (as well as anticipated graduation date)

– Internship availability – Start/End Date for Internship, Weekly Hourly Availability 

– Exhibit knowledge in the work of the United Nations and the relevant Foreign Policy of the Government of Saudi Arabia.

– What areas you feel you can contribute to at the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia.

 I want this area (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee) It deals with social and humanitarian issues.


2) Also, I need to write 4 Pages Writing Sample on a topic relating to Saudi Foreign Policy at the UN. (In a positive way)


3) Lastly, I need to write 3 points of my responsibilities in my internship in a bank. It was a rotation training program between Trade Operations, Treasury, Information Technology, and Human Resources Departments.

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