Course project for business research course business and finance homework help

PLEASE make sure you to include a executive summary, table of contents, and a conclusions section along with recommendations section for the company management!! I have attached all of the work you need to do this.

The last items your research project needs is an Executive Summary, a Table of Contents for the assembled project and most importantly, a Conclusions sections from the research along with a Recommendations section for the company management.

Once you have created the above sections, prepare a package of the original case study and a copy of the coded questions you prepared last week. Include the package as a separate document with your course project paper.

Proofread your paper for final submission, changing items as needed for a professional presentation. Prepare a management report to present to the company.

The paper should be between 15 – 20 pages, not including your title page and reference page. Assemble your report in this order (already completed items are shown in parenthesis from the corresponding week you completed them):

  • Title Page (week 1)
  • Executive Summary (week 6)
  • Table of Contents (week 6)
  • Introduction (week 1)
  • Problem Statement (week 1)
  • Research Objectives (week 1)
  • Background Material (week 3)
  • Sampling Design (week 5)
  • Research Design (week 2)
  • Data Analysis (week 5)
  • Limitations (week 3)
  • Findings (week 4)
  • Conclusions (week 6)
  • Recommendations (week 6)
  • References (week 2)

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