Cost Accounting help

Please know my story yawl, I grew up in a big city called; Knoxville Arkansas, I traveled to another place in Arkansas on the streets with no family, nor food to eat. I’ve been homeless for about 4 years now. I decided to go back to college, I’ve been having different colleges contacting me time after time, and luckily got accepted to go to college. College is my only chance to make it up to myself that I can be somebody and I’m only asking for you guys help. Believe my story or not, but I’m trying to make a living. I don’t even have full custody of my own kids because of my lifestyle, My husband kicked me out his appartment, I’ve been calling family up and they just don’t wanna deal with me. I’m only asking for your help in a one time life oppurtunity.


-I said my part


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