Respond, add, disagree, agree to this post in 50 words or more and use examples from the pdf attached. Cite within your answer like so: (Mosser, 2013, ch 1.6, para 11).

A corporation and a conglomerate are two different types of companies.  A corporation markets goods and services in one section like construction.  However, a conglomerate may be involved with several corporations that can also be doing business in several different sections.  A corporation may be doing business in one area doing one particular thing.  But a conglomerate can be operating in several areas doing many different things.  Corporations are then by nature smaller and simpler company.  Conglomerates are usually very large and hard companies to figure out because they are usually more spread out and many levels. 

The media conglomerates are the biggest problem we have these days because they have so much power in what they report to the public.  They are usually controlled by politics or lobbyists or maybe even big money to push certain agendas.  The more conglomerates behind the media the more twisted and unfactual it will become.

The only advantage to having large conglomerates controlling the media is that they can reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time.  Being able to spread good news or emergency awareness quickly helps the citizens of the U.S.  One major disadvantage is that the large conglomerates tend to control all the news and smother the smaller conglomerates, therefore the news that may be swayed by someone’s monetary contribution will over shadow the news that may have be factual and straight forward. 

The only thing media can do these days to take an ethical stand would be to start researching their resources and make sure what they are reporting is absolutely true and not hear say or some kind of propaganda pushing someone’s agenda.  Make sure its news that people need to hear and that it is the absolute truth. 

The utilitarian theory says that you should consider everyone involved when making a decision and make sure it’s what is best for the largest amount of people (Mosser, 2013).  The large and small media should work together to start reporting as it was supposed to be done to begin with, that is to get the truth to the people which would work best for changing the media for the better.

Mosser, K. (2013).Ethics and social responsibility(2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint  Education, Inc.

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