Contribution to Applied Behavior Analysis on Watson and Skinner assignment help

Many people in the field of ABA have made significant contributions. As you are learning this week, John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner were two of the most important. After completing the Reading, please answer the following questions about both Watson and Skinner: 
1.   What was the most important contribution this person made to the field of ABA?
2.   Why was that contribution so important to ABA?
3.   Do you agree with this theorist’s philosophy? Why or why not?

300-350 word mininum APA format in text citation requirement


A Brief Summary of Operant Behavior. (2016). B. F. Skinner Foundation. Retrieved from 

Miltenberger, R. (2012). Behavior Modification Principles and Procedures 5th edition Cengage Learning Book ISBN 9781111306113 Ebook ISBN 9781285311012

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