“Contractor Qualifications” Please respond to the following:

  • Search the Internet or Strayer Resource Center and provide an example of a company that seems to be continually awarded contracts. Provide a logical analysis on why the company you researched seems to consistently “win” government contracts. Be specific in the steps that the company has “perfected” to ensure its contracts are the winning bid.  
  • Based on your research, has the company ever failed to be awarded a contract? If so, did the company resubmit or cure the alleged defects in the bid? How?
  • Video


    Watch the video below to prepare for this week’s discussion. If you’re unable to view the video, you find it at “Understanding the ENTIRE Federal Contracting Market (Not Just FedBizOpps)” (4 min 13 s), located at

 Reading chapter 13: Final Proposal Revisions

 Reading chapter 14: Past Performance

 Reading chapter 16: Contractor Qualifications

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