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can i have an excellent writer in law dear writer please watch these videos and articles link and next read the instructions i am going to put right now article 1 link article 2 link 1 click on each site they are part for this paper assignment. here are the instructions for this assignment: You have been asked to prepare a short lecture for a class on constitutional issues and the Bill of Rights. In preparation you have read chapters one and two of our textbook and watched the video entitled, “The Bill of Rights” produced by the National Constitution Center. In writing up your lecture the following issues should be discussed: What is a constitution and, for the United States, what is its predominant purpose? How does the Constitution set-up the federal government? What powers does the Constitution confer on the three branches of the federal government? What power does the Constitution confer on state governments? How does constitutional law differ from statutory law, administrative law, and common law? Why do we need the Bill of Rights and why shouldn’t the Bill of Rights have been left up to each state to develop on its own? Paper Submission Requirements: Your paper should be APA formatted and the body of your paper should be approximately two pages in length. An APA format has been provided for your convenience. For further guidance on your paper, please refer to the “Written Assignment and Research Paper Rubric.” Assignment should be uploaded in this section before midnight on Sunday. Resources for assessment: Textbook Readings: Constitutional Law Principles & Practice, chapters 1 and 2 FindLaw i am going to upload the “Written Assignment and Research Paper Rubric please take your time and read it

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