constitutional Convention writing homework help

  • Once the Constitution was drafted, the period following the Constitutional Convention was called the critical period.  The Constitution would not go into effect until 9 of the 13 states approved it. In this post, you will argue for or against the Constitution.
  • The original draft of the Constitution created two opposing viewpoints: Federalists – those who were in favor of the document andAnti-Federalists – those who were opposed to the document.
  • For your entry, pick a team to be on! Are you a Federalist or Anti-federalist? Assume the role of a member of either group and argue for or against the Constitution.

Many historians believe that the issue of slavery could not be directly confronted at the Constitutional Convention without causing the Convention to disband. The argument is that the issue of slavery needed to be the subject of compromise in order to save the young nation. However, some scholars argue that the Constitution, with its provisions protecting slavery, had sown the seeds for civil war.

Create an entry and answer the following prompt using supporting evidence from this lesson and other reliable sources:

  • Should or even could slavery have been abolished at the Constitutional Convention? Why or why not?

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