Concluding the Essay English homework help

In your initial M4 Assignment 1 Discussion post, include the following:

  • Your thesis statement as it has evolved from week 2 through week 4. 
  • The techniques you’ve chosen to use in your conclusion (do not write your conclusion yet just identify the technique you’ll use from the list below)
  • Write two or three sentences explaining why this was the best choice for your essay

Your initial posting should be two or three sentences long, not including your thesis statement

This is some info that my teacher add:

ENG/096 Module 4: Concluding the Essay

Beyond Summary

A well-written conclusion is not just a restatement of your ideas. In addition to summarizing, conclusions also explain why the information you provided is important to the reader. Just as your introduction should grab your readers’ attention, your conclusion should remind them of why they were interested in the first place. Consider including one of the following techniques in your conclusion:

  • Answer the question, “So what?” Explain to your readers why they should care. Help them see how your essay relates to their lives. For example, in the essay on bedwetting, you might say, “Helping your child overcome bedwetting can help him or her be a more confident and happy person.” This tells your readers not only what you explained, but also why it is important. It leaves them with a clear memory of your ideas and the relevance or importance of your argument.
  • Echo your introduction. Remind readers of where they started by re-introducing an anecdote or idea from your introduction. If you were writing on the effects of pollution on beaches, perhaps you started out with an image of the reader walking down a beautiful beach. In your conclusion, you might return to this image, asking them to imagine smelly or discolored water at their feet or having to pick through trash to find seashells.
  • Ask a question. Try wrapping things up by asking an important question. In the essay on using proper English, you might begin your conclusion with, “In a world where we communicate casually, why is proper English important?” You can go on to restate your key points and then conclude with “Proper grammar will enrich any student’s life.”
  • Reverse the funnel. In your introduction, you began broadly and narrowed down to your thesis statement. In your conclusion, you can reverse this format. Begin specifically by restating your thesis, then explain how it relates to broader ideas or actions.

Remember, conclusions should synthesize (provide a thought-provoking perspective) all the points you presented in the essay or even touch upon broader issues. They provoke readers to think about ideas similar to the ones presented in the essay or point to a resolution to the argument presented in the essay. Do not introduce ‘new’ ideas into the conclusion content. Think of your concluding paragraph as the bow on a gift-wrapped package. It is the finishing touch that neatly ties up all the loose ends of your essay and presents them, attractively, to the reader.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Listed the thesis statement.


Wrote a paragraph of at least five sentences that identified the chosen technique and provided rationale.


Used correct spelling and grammar.


Posted substantial, polite, and constructive responses to two or more fellow students.




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