concern for production and concern for people marketing homework help

1-  Define and differentiate between concern for production and concern for people?

2-  Please explain each of the following Laissez-fair, and democratic and autocratic leadership style?

3-  Please define the following:

4-  Please provide three recommendations or suggestion that you might make to someone such as yourself concerning pension plans?

5-  Briefly explain following four FIVE  Stages of group formation.

-Briefly discuss a group that you could form. What would be your purpose in forming the group? Why would a group be more beneficial or effective than you doing it yourself?

6-  Define and differentiate between a behavioral vs situation interview?

7-  Differentiate between legal and illegal?

8-  Explain the four influence on careers and what was my criticism of these four?

9-  Identify and define the two types of pension system being eliminated refer to the four types of risk that are involved and define each, which pension system will you most likely have and way?

10- In term of ensuring ethical behavior within an organization. Please give two brief illustrations of how an organization would do each of three (prevent, detection, and deterrence). 

11-Please provide three illustration of reconciling labor supply and demand.

12-Ethical System

13-Briefly explain the idea of DANGER SIGNS as applied to ethical decision making (this one of the reason I asking you to interview professionals within your field concerning the ethical issues / dilemmas that they face in their field).

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