The world’s countries are largely Interdependence: being unable to exist or survive without each other” style=”color: rgb(32, 88, 145); font-weight: bold; white-space: nowrap; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-color: rgb(32, 88, 145); position: relative;”>interdependent, as what happens in one country will affect others. Trade, political agreements, and friendship tie countries together. People are mobile, increasing these ties. They travel for business, immigration, or recreation. Most countries are members of international organizations that give them certain responsibilities. Events like the 2011 demonstrations in Egypt can interrupt trade and business, affect economies around the globe, and create safety issues for foreigners. Changes in a country’s government, even those that increase democracy, can cause world leaders to question whether their countries should get involved to protect their own interests (such as trade) and people. If they do plan to help, the question them becomes what actions would be appropriate and acceptable to their own people?

In this Honors assessment, your task is to research important events taking place in another country. You will analyze your research to determine the type of government the country has and determine its level of democracy. You will also consider how events in this country may affect others around the world.

Step One

Find at least three article-length international news stories for one foreign country (not the United States) of your choice. It may help to scan and search the news first before choosing your country, looking for articles dealing with government or political issues. You might consider researching a country with known democratization taking place. Examples include:

  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco

Be sure to save each article and its source. You need to include the whole URL, or Internet site address link, in your work. You and your instructor may need to find the article later. You may find this activity on how to Research helpful for this step. You may also find these Links helpful for starting your research. Look for links to “world” or “international” news to begin. The sites may have further links to specific regions or countries for articles, videos, and more.

Step Two

Read your articles carefully. Compose a well-written paragraph summary of the ideas, events, or information in each article. Try this 
Activity if you need help with summarizing text.

Step Three

Analyze the information in the articles in your own well-written essay. In the essay, answer the following questions:

  • What do the current events in this country tell you about the nature of its government? What type of government does it have?
  • Is the country undergoing democratization? How do you know? What indicators are you using to make your judgment? Why are they important?
  • How might the events in this country affect other countries, including the United States?

You may find this activity on how to Write an Essay helpful for this step.

Step Four

Collect your three summary paragraphs with article sources and essay into one file to submit to your instructor. Check your work for spelling and grammar.

There are many 21st-century tools available for creating and submitting your work in the online environment.

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