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Kind of what I was looking for is how all three phases of Mao’s insurgency were used in both the American Revolutionary war and the Vietnam War. Additionally were there differences or similarities in the three phases used for both wars and what were they. Thanks.


1. Organization, Consolidation and Preservation of Base Areas:

This essentially means establishing a core cadre as part of the movement. Insurgents generally arrive in remotely located areas, and live with the locals. These are places towards which government has little or no attention. They propagate their ideas and recruit followers. This is the conceptual stage for the rebels, since the numbers in these areas are small, it is easy for the insurgents keeping tabs on the population.

2. Guerrilla Warfare:

The next phase involves the use of military means to heightened political effect, isolated attacks are planned- which are meant to serve a political purpose and to forward their propaganda. The aim is to put a fear of safety in the otherwise comfortable officials as well as gather attention.

3. Decision:

This involves an all out war against the government, it may begin with the militia taking up arms against a small government structure to gather resources, killing informants, looting weapons cache etc. This would result in the emergence of military objectives as well as encourage more people to take up arms. This would result in the build up of a massive military force eventually taking over the country.

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