My Company is 8×8   (EGHT) is the stock code

All of these companies are mid-cap companies on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (i.e. with a market capitalization of between $1 billion to $5 billion dollars). They’re all North American companies as well. I tried to assign you a company based on what the roster says is your area of specialty in the MBA program (e.g. healthcare, Homeland Security). If your area is more general (e.g. Finance, Organizational Leadership) then a company in any sector should be good for you, since that’s likely what will be the arc of your career.

To begin your research, go to and enter the stock symbol or your company name to get to your assigned company. You can then begin your research to learn more abut the company and its competitive market. Your assignment, as described in the syllabus, is to analyze your assigned company using Porter’s Five Forces model.The Porter article can be accessed by clicking the “Porter Five Forces artlcle” tab in the menu options.

I will be providing some tips for you next week on how to address the Porter paper. The Five Forces model is a classic approach to strategic planning and you’ll learn some valuable skills as a result of this assignment.

  1. Submit your five forces company and industry analysis paper here. Criteria and grading are listed below and are in the syllabus.

    Criteria and formatting for the paper:

    1. Four to five pages (maximum) of writing analysis, double-spaced, 12 font
    2. APA style and formatting required.  However, no abstract is required for this paper 
    3. Include a 1-page Porter model illustrating your analysis
    4. Reference page and title page
    5. Grading will be based upon the following Rubric:

    Grading Criteria

    Maximum Points

    Analysis is concise, detailed, thorough; accounts for all five forces


    Demonstrated understanding of article concepts


    Research sources are thorough and appropriate for business analysis


    Applies article concepts appropriately to selected business and industry


    Prepares five forces model that clearly ties in with analysis


    Writing style: concise, clear, master’s -level, APA format


    Flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar; Business-style writing




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