Need assistance with 3-5 page paper for NAB company I named please see below.

Info that is needed for paper is attached.

Please let me know if there are any questions

NAB company name: â€œCarolinaNade”

The NAB that I will market will be Homemade Lemonade

Significance: Being from South Carolina thinking about warm the warm weather and hot BBQs what’s better than having a nice maybe sweet, maybe sour ice cold glass of  â€œCarolinaNade”.  Being ask to make my homemade lemonade and bring to family gathering and events, why not share with the world.

Company’s Mission Statement: Mission of “CarolinaNade” is to bring a southern refreshing beverage that is made from with love and passion to all. CarolinaNade will be introduce to Small Businesses, at festivals and events, where exposure will allow boost in demand of CarolinaNade.

“Maybe Sweet, Maybe Sour, It’s the drink of the Hour”

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