communication homework

write analysis for my friend presentation. of presicave speech. one page.

i will give you what he did in his presentation and write about it

he did very well . the topic of  his presentation is” good effects of vedio game to children”

he start his presentation with vedio and then he asked the audience do they believe somesentinces about vedio games. then he explain what is the right and the wrong about thesentences he showed. he used.

and he said some of the vedio games are good because they let them to move and when he speak shows some examples  like the obesity and the nintendo wii and how does the vedio games help to reduce obesity.AND online games help to communicate with others. he concluted with some advices for parents like play with thier kids.

write about his contact with the audience.

no sources.

i attached vedio for his presentation.

please analysis for his presentation not for the topic

like what he did how he did

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