Responses should be no longer than half a page, below each corresponding topic.

1. Our distributed environments have put much more responsibility on the individual user, facility

management, and administrative procedures and controls than in the old days. Physical security

is not just the night guard who carries around a big flashlight. Now, security can be extremely

technical, comes in many forms, and raises many liability and legal issues. Natural disasters,

fires, floods, intruders, vandals, environmental issues, construction materials, and power

supplies all need to be planned for and dealt with. Provide examples of facility management,

administrative procedures, and controls to protect a distributed computer networks. You can list

all aspects of relevant security issues to support your argument.

2. Every organization should develop, implement, and maintain a physical security program that

contains the following control categories: deterrence, delay, detection, assessment, and

response. It is up to the organization to determine its acceptable risk level and the specific

controls required to fulfill the responsibility of each category. Provide examples of security

controls to ensure deterrence, delay, detection, assessment, and response in real-world

applications. You may use fictitious examples to support your arguments.

3. This week, we studied many of the different technologies within different types of networks,

including how they work together to provide an environment in which users can communicate,

share resources, and be productive. Each piece of networking is important to security, because

almost any piece can introduce unwanted vulnerabilities and weaknesses into the infrastructure.

Provide examples networking devices or components that can present vulnerabilities into the

corporate networks, and how to mitigate them. You may use fictitious examples to support your


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