Child Development response writing homework help

 Respond to your classmates with comments that your peers made that are relevant to you and your career. (My major is Child Development and future career is an elementary teacher.) Just add to their post in 50 words or more.

 I am a single mother of three beautiful children ages 18, 14, and a 4 year old baby girl. I live in a small town in Louisiana called Waterproof.  I am currently employed at Tensas Detention Center my job title consists of maintaining inmate funds, make and balancing deposits on a daily basis. I have been employed at Tensas for nine years and love it. I am studying for a BA in Early Childhood Education, in hopes of one day owning a Daycare/Learning Center. What motivate me each day are my children, as a parent you always want to do your best for your kids, therefore receiving the highest Education is very important to me because it will financially benefit my family in the future. My short-term goals are to complete, pass, and learn as much as I can from this course and my new classmates. My long-term goals are to pass all courses, and graduate with a BA in Early Childhood Education.

The article of my choice is on Adult Learning Traits and video. Based on this article the three characteristic that best describe me as an adult learner are motivation, multi-level responsibilities, and high expectations. My motto is the key to success is obtaining a higher education. As an adult learner, I have motivated myself to go back to college, so that I can improve my job and live up to my potential. Multi-level responsibilities describe my life, perfectly. As a single parent of three, my schedule was so full of attending different activities and no time for myself. I have had a difficult time making school one of my main focuses until I start following a strict schedule that offered a few hours for school and some me time. I have high expectations when it comes to learning the necessary material that will help me to become a successful teacher. I feel that at this point in life if it is not helping me to improve my learning skills don’t waste my time.  

This course will help me to gain information about the challenging issues that educators are facing in a classroom setting. Teaching and helping children learn information no matter the situation is my goal and I am truly looking forward to learning some useful knowledge from this course that will assist me with that. 

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