This is homework before Wednesday 4. ECT #’s 2 and 3 End of Chapter 1- Submit — Good Speakers/ Bad Speakers Refer to page 27 Exercise for Critical Thinking @’s 2 and 3 For this assignments students you are to list five characteristics ( as if dividing a sheet a paper from top to bottom in half and writing/typing Characteristics of Good Speakers on one side and Characteristics of bad/ineffective speakers on the the other side) without mirroring their answers (for example, avoid writing “an effective speaker has good eye contact,” and “an ineffective speaker does not have good eye contact”). At the end of their lists, briefly identify your own strengths and weaknesses and state two or three things you want to work on during our class.. As a part of this assignment you must make a comment on at least one other answer that has been given by one of your classmates

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